Thank You
2018 Music Video

Thank You

At-risk-youth worker gives thanks to Hip Hop & First Nations showing hope for these two culture to thrive together.

DirectorWyatt Purcha
GenreHip Hop


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The artist

Peter Cameron-Inglis

Peter Cameron-Inglis

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About the song

KASP's song "Thank you" is a message of gratitude towards both the Hip Hop culture & the Indigenous community for welcoming & supporting the artist while he was himself an at-risk-youth growing up in Vancouver's downtown east side. It's a message of celebration & hope that these two cultures can not only coexist but also thrive & honour each other.

The team

Meet this talented team of creatives from the Mastermind Studios Centre for FIlm & Digital Media. In a time of mental health challenges and at-risk-youth crisis, we are are ready to deliver an inspiring video with a message of hope and inclusion.

Profile picture of Wyatt Purcha
Wyatt PurchaDirector
Profile picture of Christy Danielson
Christy DanielsonWriter, Production Manager, Social Media Strategist
Profile picture of Jordan Nicholson
Jordan NicholsonCamera Operator
Profile picture of Mason Pridham
Mason PridhamCamera Operator
Profile picture of Nick Olsoff
Nick OlsoffLighting, Electrical