Back from the Dead
2018 Music Video

Back from the Dead

This is a video about people slipping into darkness, who find another to bring them back to the light.

GenreHard Rock


Pitch video

The artist

Nick Bohle
About the song

This song is an ideal platform for our heart-felt, poly-narrative dramatic music video about loss & recovery. Everyone goes through difficulties in life. They come in all shapes & sizes & don't discriminate. Regardless of your age, gender, status or occupation, we all go through the ringer. "Back from the Dead" honors those who lift us back up.

The team

Hi there! We're experienced, talented & seasoned collaborators with 90% of our team locked down. Our production team is so excited to be working with the hidden gem of a 3 piece band, DEAD ARMY, & their poignant prog-rock song "BACK FROM THE DEAD".

Profile picture of Rob Murach
Rob MurachArtist, Band, Writer
Profile picture of Arjan Gill
Arjan GillEditor, Lighting
Profile picture of JP Marchant
JP MarchantCamera Operator, Lighting
Profile picture of Eric Ehrler
Eric EhrlerLighting
Profile picture of Jake P
Jake PSocial Media Strategist