2018 Music Video


A woman is trapped in a strange phenomenon. Her confusion grows as she finds herself on the run from a mysterious force.

DirectorRyan Leason


Pitch video

The artist

Cole Edwards
About the song

The track is inspired by the monotony of every day life, utilizing rhythms and elements from Footwork/Juke music to represent that repetitive nature. The track is titled "GO" as it is constantly moving forward, even as it ebbs and flows, it's goal is to maintain a forward progression and to not stay still.

The team

Our team has collaborated on multiple projects and we develop our voice as a group each time we work together. We inspire and make each other better at our craft and we're looking for like-minded individuals interested in doing the same. Hit us up!

Profile picture of James Barry
James BarryAnimation Lead, Editor
Profile picture of Ryan Leason
Ryan LeasonDirector, Writer
Profile picture of Robyn Ho
Robyn HoProducer, Production Manager
Profile picture of Grant Cooper
Grant CooperCamera Operator, Lighting
Profile picture of Carissa Thomas
Carissa ThomasSocial Media Strategist