2018 Music Video


A couple in love separated by distance and time. Technology is the only way they can be together. Love has no bounds.



Pitch video

The artist

Coltin Antypovich

Coltin Antypovich

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About the song

"Give In", is a song written by Coltin Antypovich aka. Coast Kid. It is about his experiences in a long distance relationship. Things the couple felt/went through in order to make it work and relying on technology as the only means of communication. In the end both just wanting to be together but, in reality, being separated by distance and time.

The team

We are a group of industry professionals in the VFX/film, feature animation industry. We have found inspiration in the music/message of one of our colleges. This project has brought us together to combine our skills to create something we believe in.

Profile picture of Coltin Antypovich
Coltin AntypovichArtist, Writer, Producer, Actor
Profile picture of Maria J Venegas-Spadafora
Maria J Venegas-SpadaforaAnimator, Production Design
Profile picture of Nhi Hoang
Nhi HoangAnimator, Production Design, Social Media Strategist
Profile picture of David Cheng
David ChengAnimator, Camera Operator
Profile picture of Carlos Oceguera
Carlos OcegueraDirector, Writer, Producer
Profile picture of James Spadafora
James SpadaforaEditor, Lighting


Production Design

We will use compositions of light to create the atmosphere and space.
Screen captures from the animatic idea. Early concepts.
3D Hyper realistic but minimalist scenarios. Using the high contrast to blur the line between live action and CGI
Part of the story and rhythm of the music video. Live actions shots with a post production treatment to give them a retro/urban documentary style.