No Turning Back
2018 Music Video

No Turning Back

A Deaf individual conquers barriers that come with the reality of coming out of the closet as he accepts himself.



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The artist

Kent Donguines

Kent Donguines

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About the song

NO TURNING BACK is a future-funk and R&B mixed with honest soulful vocals that creates that poppy disco vibe. Other than its style and genre-experiment, I want to make this because it contains a very subtle, yet timely and socially-relevant message of "coming out of the closet" that needs to be addressed and show that everyone needs understanding.

The team

A team that creates a visually-compelling product accompanied by a socially-relevant story.

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Kent DonguinesWriter, Producer
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Fernanda Lopez DiazProduction Design


Production Design

The closet world will be a representation of the LGBTQ Community back in the 70s. This will look like a night club with still the hint of clothes hanged around the walls as if we’re inside a closet. Then, the most iconic things in disco club will be shown like the dance floor, disco ball, neon lights, stage, etc.
The closet door will play a vital role in the music video because we start and end with the door and I want it to establish the 1970s look - wooden, rustic, painted with a pastel colour and can be customized based on our character. This will be filled with clothes just like the ones people are wearing in the closet world.
Most of the costumes will be inspired by 1970s Disco Era. The style and look can vary from disco, corporate and disco glam. If possible, the colours will be dark pastel colours as provided in most of the examples below.