Wheel Love
2018 Documentary

Wheel Love

Chelsea fell madly in love with a man in a wheelchair and now finds herself thrown into the chaos of fertility clinics.



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Chelsea, a 29-year-old filmmaker gave up on love until she met James,. He was smart, handsome and charming. The catch? James is a paraplegic. What happens when you meet the man of your dreams and he can't walk? For five years they have traveled the world, kissed in the most beautiful places and met the most beautiful faces. Alongside a thriving community of people with spinal cord injuries, James and Chelsea have helped others in wheelchairs get active and chase adventure. What's next for this duo? The grandest journey of all...trying to have a baby. With James getting older and Chelsea turning 30 the couple is racing the clock, making hard decisions and casting a light on infertility, disability and the hardships of a woman in the last year of her twenties.

The team

Meet Chelsea and Ryan! Together this duo has created many viral documentaries and music videos. The key to their success is a shared love of film and a perfect balance of technical and empathetic storytelling.

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Ryan TebbuttProducer, Camera Operator