The Bats of Alberta
2018 Documentary

The Bats of Alberta

A view into the lives of Alberta's bats and the people working to conserve them



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Why bats? Bats are major predators of insect, significantly benefiting Alberta's agriculture, and are important for maintaining healthy ecosystems; however, the bats of Alberta are facing a threat from a fungal disease that has killed millions of bats along eastern North America. The fungus was recently confirmed in Manitoba and is making it's way closer towards Alberta every year. This project is an effort to document the lives of our bats and the people working to conserve them. Alberta has a community of dedicated individuals working to understand and conserve the many bat species that reside in this province. This project will document these efforts and provide an educational base for people who wish to know about Alberta's bats and how to help them.

The team

The team brings a specialized combination of education, artistic talent, connections, and bat know-how to be able to find, film, and pull off a documentary about the many bat species that occupy the night skies of Alberta.

Profile picture of Brent Bates
Brent BatesAnimator, Motion Graphics
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Diana QuirkWriter, Production Manager
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Mirabai AlexanderSound Engineer, Music


Production Design