Chasing a Trace
2018 Documentary

Chasing a Trace

A bad-ass women scientist is on a quest to find breeding female wolverines in the high alpine mountains of Canada's west



Pitch video


Wolverines are one of the most elusive mysterious animals on the planet. Wolverine researchers in Western Canada have spent the last ten years putting the puzzle pieces of how to conserve wolverine for the long term into place.This film will focus on one of the crucial missing pieces by following wildlife scientist, Mirjam Barreuto on her quest to find elusive breed female wolverines in the high alpine mountains of Canada's west. Mirjam is part wolverine herself, as a tenacious scientist and endurance athlete, she’s the perfect person for the job. She is trying to find out what females wolverines (engines of the population) need to survive, and what the effects of things like logging, mechanized recreation, and fur trapping are on wolverine populations.

The team

This film will captivate and inspire audiences who are interested in mountains, wildlife, science and conservation. Compelling characters- both scientist and wolverines- make a potent mix.

Profile picture of Leanne Allison
Leanne AllisonDirector, Producer
Profile picture of Michael Quigley
Michael QuigleyEditor, Camera Operator
Profile picture of Julia Lynx
Julia LynxSocial Media Strategist
Profile picture of Kate Hurley
Kate HurleySocial Media Strategist


Interview Roster


Meet female wolverine, Aloha. Wolverines have 200-300 sq km home ranges that they defend fiercely. That means Mirjam will be able to name all the females in her study area. The audience will get to know all them.

Dr Aerin Jacob
Dr Aerin Jacob

Aerin is a Conservation Scientist with the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation initiative. She works on large landscape conservation and is a science advisor of Mirjam's PhD research on wolverines.

Bob Sayer
Bob Sayer

Bob Sayer has been the operations manager of Mike Wiegele Helicopter skiing for thirty years. He's helping Mirjam with her research and trying to be part of the solution for how to conserve wolverines.

Mirjam Barreuto
Mirjam Barreuto

Mirjam is a PhD student and the University of Calgary who has taken on this massive challenging research project. She is part wolverine herself as a tenacious scientist and endurance athlete.

Dr Tony Clevenger
Dr Tony Clevenger

Tony has been doing wolverine research in the Canadian Rockies for the past 10 year. He is also a science advisor and mentor of Mirjam's.

Production Design

High Alpine mountains filmed from the air and the ground
Use shallow depth of field whenever possible to draw attention to details in the photograph.
Drone footage will be used where possible
We'll show some of the activities that  we know have a negative impact on wolverines.