2018 Documentary


A non-narrative musical meditation on the commonalities found in spiritual dance rituals across distinct local cultures.

DirectorEmma Power


Pitch video


Featuring avant-pop and world-fusion electronic music, a mesmerizing sequence of dialogue-free scenes propel a meditation on the sweeping commonalities found in spiritual dance rituals across distinct cultural communities residing in Alberta. Ceremonial song and movement is a universal method cultural groups use to connect to higher realms. As the film progresses through a 24hr sun cycle, sacred dance involving the following groups will be showcased: indigenous, transgendered, islamic, mainstream millennial, south & east asian. Neither a traditional documentary nor a music video, YAH WAVE takes the form of a non-verbal, rhythmically guided meditation to serve as a metaphysical reflection of it's diverse Canadian audience.

The team

A female dream team with a diverse skill set and a common freakish vision. Each an individual powerhouse, and together, a cohesive network driven to make this video achieve its full creative potential.

Profile picture of Emma Power
Emma PowerDirector, Writer, Producer, Camera Operator
Profile picture of Erin Prysiazny
Erin PrysiaznyAnimator, Motion Graphics
Profile picture of Craigery Dennis
Craigery DennisCamera Operator
Profile picture of Katherine Tochor
Katherine TochorMotion Graphics, Social Media Strategist
Profile picture of Lauren Neumann
Lauren NeumannSocial Media Strategist


Production Design