2018 Digital Shorts


In a future where everything is automated, two women sign up for an app that promises to find your perfect match.

Length10 min.


Pitch video


Five minutes into the future, all aspects of our lives are automated, and data on our daily behaviours is constantly recorded. This allows applications to know us better than we know ourselves. An app called Auto/Mates uses this information to match users with someone that they can easily share the rest of their life with. Two women match, and find themselves questioning what love means in a world where everything comes easily. Auto/Mate is a film about online dating, connection, and what relationships mean in the 21st century.

The team

We are a team of award winning filmmakers committed to making visually beautiful films that speak to the human condition.

Profile picture of Myah Dhillon
Myah DhillonCamera Operator, Lighting


Production Design

From self-driving cars to motorized blinds, the world is beginning to run itself more and more. We plan to use a wide range of technologies that are currently available to give viewers a glimpse into the future.
Wi-fi controlled lights give filmmakers amazing new tools in terms of visual narrative. We plan to have extensive set-ups of choreographed lighting that will not only make our film look amazing, but add to the story and flow as well.
The majority of our film takes place at the restaurant where Sam and Riley first meet. Clean, bright and modern, its always full of couples meeting their Auto/Mate match for the first time.