A Typical Fairytale
2018 Digital Shorts

A Typical Fairytale

A young couple have a fairytale love story but are interrupted by their child's divergence from the classic narrative.

Length10 min. 35 sec.


Pitch video


Sherry and Larry, a young 20 something couple, find each other one night in a bar. Their love, it was magic! The two have a romance fit for a storybook- told entirely in rhyme.They seem to live happily ever after when one day Sherry is visited by a crazed homeless woman who informs Sherry of her impeding pregnancy and its result: a son! The couple do have a child. Not a boy, but a girl who only adds to the perfect life they've built...until she doesn't. She begins acting out; diverging from the classic happily ever after, until at 10 years of age, she admits that she is not a she at all! The parents are left reeling from the confession, feeling as though they've lost their child. Will they find the bravery to leave the classic narrative and write a new story? One of love and acceptance?

The team

We have a great, female led team. We encourage people of all skill levels and talents to join us. I love to promote and encourage mentorship on my sets. We are all in this together. Let's make a movie!!!