Karaoke Mamas
2018 Digital Shorts

Karaoke Mamas

A divorced 68 year old Korean woman jumpstarts her new life by trying to win a TV at a karaoke contest, with her friends

Length10 min. 20 sec.


Pitch video


Sang-Mi, a newly divorced 68 year old Korean woman moves into a new home. After trying to get ready for her weekly ritual of watching Korean dramas with her two best friends, she realizes her TV has been smashed by her ex-husband. The trio enter a Karaoke competition in order to replace the old TV. With their practiced dance moves and vivacious singing abilities, they’re ready to kick ass in the Korean Coquitlam Karaoke Competition world….until they’re faced with the prospect of losing more than just a TV. This is a story about moving on, living life and daring to have fun while doing it.

The team

Our team is super excited to tell a story featuring Ajummas!

Profile picture of Andrea Bang
Andrea BangWriter, Producer


Production Design

At the contest, the ladies dress in red carpet attire full of colour and sass!
The core of the film is set in a large noraebang (노래방 – Karaoke room where people go to sing) equipped with disco lights, tambourines and song books.
Freshly divorced, our protagonist (Sang-Mi) is left in pieces. Her apartment is in disarray and she longs for the one thing missing from her life: a TV.
This is the look and feel of the trio together.
At home, the ladies dress in their everyday wear.