Ugly Girl
2018 Digital Shorts

Ugly Girl

A girl born with odd facial features enters a talent show to prove that it's not how you look, it's how you feel.

Length10 min. 6 sec.


Pitch video


Charlie, a girl born with odd facial features makes the last minute decision to enter her schools talent show. A daunting three days until performance, she takes the weekend to master her chosen craft. With fearless determination and uncompromising courage she navigates the gruelling art of tap dance. Feeling great she takes the stage and gives the audience the performance of her life.

The team

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Profile picture of Alex Adamson
Alex AdamsonProducer, Actor, Production Manager
Profile picture of Chandra Norn
Chandra NornProducer, Production Design, Lighting
Profile picture of Kelela Doerksen
Kelela DoerksenProduction Design
Profile picture of Jordan Norn
Jordan NornCamera Operator