Wrath of Twyre
2018 Digital Shorts

Wrath of Twyre

Young man discovers a comic book that activates his sleeper agent abilities, now he must find who did this.

Length9 min. 52 sec.
DirectorSavian Sills


Pitch video


Jordan Jeffery has just moved into his new place, when he finds a comic book at his door step. He investigates the comic and it activates his sleeper agent abilities, the one thing is he still does not know how to fight. He must use his mind and tricks to escape the people chasing him and find the man responsible for activating him and make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else.

The team

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Profile picture of Sam Lindsay
Sam LindsayWriter, Producer
Profile picture of Savian Sills
Savian SillsDirector, Editor
Profile picture of Ellie Stewart
Ellie StewartWriter, Producer
Profile picture of Gheenl Miguel
Gheenl MiguelProducer, Production Manager


Production Design