2018 Digital Shorts


A young Aboriginal cosplayer shares her passion for cosplay and reveals how it’s helped her grow as an individual and strengthen her identity.

Length10 min.


Pitch video


In the Pow Wow world, Chicken Dancers dress in their regalia and take on the persona of the prairie chicken, aka “shapeshift,” strutting and pecking at the ground in beautiful arbors across Western Canada. In the world of cosplay, cosplayers shapeshift and dress up as characters they identify with from their favourite video games, comics, and anime, as they journey into Expos, Cons, and Anime-athons around the world. In this documentary, we follow a young Female cosplayer from the Piikani Nation expressing herself through her passion for cosplay and her amazing art. Helping develop her identity, but also building a deep sense of community among her cosplay peers and Indigenous culture.

The team

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