The Wrestler
2018 Digital Shorts

The Wrestler

As a masked wrestler, Terry plays the villain. But deep down, he wants to be seen as the good guy.

Length9 min. 54 sec.
DirectorMichael Chen


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Terry plays a masked villain in the wrestling world, however, wants to be recognized as a good guy, hearing the crowd chant his name. When he asks if he can take off the mask, change his persona and play a good wrestler, the promoter declines his request. It is up to Terry to prove to himself that he is more than what the promoter and the audience see him as. From the acrobatics and theatrics in the ring, to the smell of the dingy gyms, the film will pay homage to the world of amateur and Mexican wrestling, while telling an underdog’s rags to (not quite) riches tale about the human spirit, overcoming obstacles and discovering who you really are.

The team

Meet the dedicated and talented team behind 'The Wrestler'. We love to create stories with heart and stories that people can relate to. We also like to host dance competitions in between takes.

Profile picture of Nicola McTaggart
Nicola McTaggartEditor, Producer
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Michael ChenDirector, Writer
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Alisen BakerProducer, Production Manager
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Jacqui KaeseProducer
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Heather McLeodProducer, Production Design, Social Media Strategist


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