Creative Futures
2017 Immersive

Creative Futures

People think trans kids have no future… But by immersing us in their virtual reality art and sharing their visions, they show us that another world is possible.

Length10 min. 15 sec.


Pitch video


Media about transgender and gender diverse people often depicts the harsh realities of a world that excludes those who do not fit gender norms. These stories raise awareness but do not support youth to see a viable future for themselves and reinforce a public belief that trans kids have no future. But by working with trans and gender diverse youth in virtual reality to design creative representations of their ideal futures, these youth show us that another world is possible. Our linear story captures the youth designing their worlds and voicing their visions, and combines shots of real life and virtual environments to blend the boundaries in between. Our immersive story transports viewers inside the virtual art to experience the youth's creative futures and to hear their story.

The team

Our filmmaker, Scout, is also an award-winning VR artist, and Dylan, our other filmmaker is also an experienced LGBTQ+ researcher & community organizer. Local musician Sophia Marlow will be writing and recording original music for this project.

Profile picture of Scout Windsor
Scout WindsorDirector, Editor, Producer, Camera Operator
Profile picture of Dylan Paré
Dylan ParéDirector, Writer, Producer, Social Media Strategist


Production Design

The final films will feature interviews with the four youth artists as they discuss their hopes and ideas for the future.
The immersive project will transport viewers inside the creative future illustrations. The youth artists will give a tour through digitally added footage, which makes them seem like they are "inside the art" with the viewer.
This film will combine real life footage with VR using overlays, green screens, mixed reality capture, and more.