2017 Web Series


You Gotta Love The Acting Industry...

Length10 min.


Pitch video


Auditions is a potential network prime-time comedy about a local Afro Canadian Vancouver actor, Andrew Blair, and his life as one in the city after moving from Regina Saskatchewan. He goes through ups and downs and he continuously breaks the 4th wall with the audience expressing his true feelings and personal issues in different situations. We get to see him at his auditions and what he has to go through especially when his childhood bully, Elliot, keeps showing up and booking all the gigs. He has a group of friends, Kev, Jess and Colin, that he is around constantly. We get to know the friends more and more as the series goes on. The series makes fun of the acting life in Vancouver. Will Andrew get that break he always wanted or will he continue the same old pattern of auditions auditions.

The team

I'm looking for a full range of talented skilled individuals to help with this project and to be apart of something very special. Please Contact Project Lead for details.

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Andrew CreightneyDirector, Writer, Producer, Actor