Frick, I Love Nature
2017 Web Series

Frick, I Love Nature

Frick, I Love Nature is a nature show that use’s comedy to showcase the coolest fricken gifts nature has to offer.

Length9 min. 29 sec.


Pitch video


Frick, I Love Nature is a host driven nature documentary that highlights the coolest fricken gifts nature has given us across Canada. The show will use comedy and a colourful, over the top aesthetic to get people to say things like “Holy Smokes!” or “Frick that’s Neet!” about the wonders that nature provides. With the help of fellow nature nuts, each episode Gordie will adventure into a new ecosystem, interact with its wildlife and learn some cool wilderness facts that will provide you with a whole 'notha level of appreciation for Canada's beautiful wilderness.

The team

Filmmaking to us is about sharing an important message, and having as much fun as possible while doing it.


Production Design

While he's exploring nature, Gordie does his best to fit in with his fellow nature nuts. To blend in with the rest of the gang, he will where a sash that fits the theme of each episode.
We're going to check out a few of Alberta's national parks and see what the heck the bison, and other neet things are up to over there!
We're going to hang out with a falcon handler while exploring the ecosystems these amazing birds of prey spend time in.
We want to go check out the Rocky Mountains once the snow falls, and see what that's all about!