Snowshoe & Monster
2017 Web Series

Snowshoe & Monster

A monster story isn't any good if no one believes it.

Length10 min. 30 sec.


Pitch video


A conspiracy theorist and scientific photographer are hired to help a woman track down her childhood monster. A race against time, money, and impending winter sends the three of them into the wilderness with nothing but a small trailer and a story. Snowshoe & Monster follows Summer, Rodger, and Hanna as they discover the secrets behind a woodland monster and struggle to come to a consensus about whether their findings deserve to end up in a reputed scientific journal, an online alien forum, or if they're better left alone.

The team

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Profile picture of Siobhan Cooney
Siobhan CooneyProducer, Actor
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Kenya WeaverProduction Design


Production Design

Besides the monster itself everything around the characters needs to blend together and enhance the story. The characters in Snowshoe & Monster rely on retro technology and old-school techniques in order to track and document the monster. This is reflected in their costuming, their gear, and is showcased through Summer's trailer (featured in the pitch video) that is promised to keep out the cold, but not necessarily the monster.
The most important part of the series to properly capture is the monster. Our team will use a combination of practical and special effects in order to create the monster from the story. Delving into the world of creature creation opens up endless possibilities for design and ultimately creating a tangible monster for the series will add the authenticity necessary for the world of our characters to come to life.
Snowshoe & Monster is meant to place the viewers in the place the characters so they can experience the story through their eyes. This will be accomplished using plenty of natural light and organic camera work. Following a unique colour scheme the look of the series will tie together the monster, production design, and the story. [Original Artwork by Aaron Belot]