2017 Web Series


3 sisters must reconnect to uncover the dangerous truths hidden within their shared legacy of greed, shame and deception

Length9 min. 55 sec.


Pitch video


Faultline is a dark, sexy crime/suspense series focused on the Tennant sisters whose lives are shattered when their mother’s arrest for manslaughter leads her to commit suicide upon incarceration. With their world blown apart, the sisters’ grief, shame and intensely personal reactions drive them to lead separate lives. Fifteen years later, Paige, a highly successful corporate attorney, stumbles across new information that appears to call into question their mother’s involvement in the crime. As this discovery leads the sisters down a dangerous rabbit hole of lies and deception, can they work together to overcome the past and, most importantly, stay alive long enough to uncover the truth?

The team

Stacie and Kirsten founded Any Road Productions in 2017 with a lofty goal: to create films where passion and purpose coexist. We are committed to producing female driven, quality entertainment. Inspiration is down any road, we intend to find it!

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Stacie HarrisonProducer, Actor
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Eric DurnfordProducer, Production Manager


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