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Stacie Harrison

Director, Writer, Producer, Actor

Stacie is a Calgary based actor, director, producer and acting teacher who holds a BFA in Drama. Her film credits include Damnation (SEVEN24/Universal), ageLESS (Any Road Productions), Super Drycleaners (Asvoria Media), Heartland (SEVEN24), Faultline (Proof of Concept-Quirkgirl Productions/Gutterball Productions), Wynnona Earp (SyFy), Heritage Minutes: Viola Desmond (Corkscrew Media), Hug-O-Gram (Flat Four Productions), Who Is Riley Oakes (Mytheltic Films/QuirkGirl Productions), Cut Die (4K Film Productions), The Great Fear (Iain Laird), Dryland (Haywood Films/Green Productions) and My Misspent Youth (By award winning filmmaker, Cam Christiansen/Anlanda). Producing credits include ageLESS (Any Road Productions), Faultline (Proof of Concept-Quirkgirl Productions/ Gutterball Productions).


1xFunded team lead

Past projects

FaultlineDrama · $60,000 Fund
Team lead

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