Mad Men
2017 Music Video

Mad Men

We are all Mad Men; driven by instinct, lust and an innate desire for power.

Length6 mins. 35 secs.


Pitch video

The artist

Shannon Hunt
About the song

The song "Mad Men" is about that dark, instinctual being in all of us; the part of us that is driven by primitive desires and who acts without thinking. The extent to which these behaviours are accepted in society are largely dependent on how we look and identify, which culture we appear to belong to, and the act we uphold.

The team

We are a multi-faceted group of creatives who are driven to produce thought-provoking content through music and film. We thrive on collaboration, and love to support and inspire other artists; shoot us an email if you want to work with us!

Profile picture of Shannon Hunt
Shannon HuntProducer
Profile picture of Dane Traill-Forbyth
Dane Traill-ForbythDirector, Producer
Profile picture of Emily Ritchie
Emily RitchieEditor, Production Design


Production Design

The dry cleaner is where the story begins, and sets the tone for the entire video. The opening cinematic sequence is silent with the exception of the unique ambient sounds of a late-night dry cleaner.
The majority of the story takes place under the bright city lights.
Sedans and suits, the uniform of the upper-echelon. Ever wonder why German saloon cars only come in shades of grey's, navy's, and browns? To match your suit, that's why.
The city and the people in it are key aspects driving and enabling our lead characters to perform as they do - ruthlessly in a public.