2017 Music Video


A hipster Frankenstein's monster awakens and brings terror to the quiet streets of Calgary, AB

Length3 mins. 36 secs.


Pitch video

The artist

Caitlyn Mytopher

Caitlyn Mytopher

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About the song

Frankenstyle is a dripping commentary on the hipster subculture of the twenty-teens; people ripping pieces from other subcultures and adapting it to their own, putting them together with other collected bits and calling it something “new”. The video will riff off this, taking inspirations from various horror movies, while telling its own story.

The team

Our creative and ambitious team is unlike any other! We will combine the highest level of experience, skill and vision in order to create a video that will captivate audiences. Each member offering an important role to the creation of Frankenstyle.


Production Design

Our visual style changes throughout the course of the story. Using a variety of lighting techniques, we will be able to effectively reflect the video's theme and spooky undertone. The use of both B&W and color saturated images will allow us to provide the contrast between characters and their surroundings.
The wardrobes are essential to expressing the theme, the appropriation of culture; people ripping bits and pieces from other subcultures, putting them together, and pretending it's something new and original. To symbolize this, Frankenstyle, the only subject in colour, will be wearing a pair of rainbow tinted sunglasses and fashionable clothing that resembles the hipster subculture of the twenty-teens. Near the end of the video, the other band members will be dressed in the same outfits with the same sunglasses.
For one sequence, the preferred location would be creepy woods with lots of tall towering trees. The forest areas in Nose Hill Park in Calgary would be a perfect location to provide the eerie and supernatural environment necessary for the scene.