2017 Music Video


A dad transforms into a drag queen after his wife takes the kids to school; turning the house into a glamorous runway.

Length4 mins. 2 secs.


Pitch video

The artist

Hilary Muth
About the song

Catwalk is a high energy House/Pop song with a very empowering feel. The minimal lyrics and strong bass are just enough to give our ego the boost it needs to have us strut our stuff like the world is our stage. Catwalk gets people up and out of their chairs and into their bodies with a rhythm that can't be ignored.

The team

Meet Pat, Hil & Max the team behind CATWALK! We're thrilled to be working together to create a dynamic music video to Michael Cassio's hit song CATWALK. We are beyond excited to have partnered with some key Drag Queens within the Vancouver community.

Profile picture of Hilary Muth
Hilary MuthProducer
Profile picture of Patrick Tozer
Patrick TozerWriter, Producer


Production Design

The film will start with an "average-joe" looking family man, who is dressed for a day at the office. From a glance at his appearance, one would not be able to tell that he is, in fact, a Drag Queen. The video will intercut between him dancing around his house and working a vibrant runway dressed in full drag (makeup, hair, costume).
There will be two main sets for our music video. The first is the family home, specifically the kitchen, but we also intend to use the living room and hallway. The house will be a spitting image of "American suburbia" - think American Beauty meets Blue Velvet; incredibly cookie cutter. The beginning part of the video will be focused on the father and his two kids: having breakfast, getting ready for school and work. Once they leave it's at this point when the dad will start to dance around the family home to the beat of Michael Cassio's CATWALK.
The primary message we want to deliver is that he does not hide this part of his life from his family. It is not a secret, and he is in fact shown love and support to pursue his individuality. We will show this through visual imagery around the house. Furthermore, in the beginning of the film we will see his young daughter drawing a picture at the breakfast table; however, we won't reveal what the drawing is until the end of the video, at which time the audience will realize it is of her dad on a stage, wearing a dress, with the words "I LOVE DADDY" written across the top.