InterCosplay Robostellar Plasmatron
2017 Music Video

InterCosplay Robostellar Plasmatron

A variety of cosplayers in full superhero and villain attire throw down at a convention in tune to some mad synth beats.

Length3 mins. 10 secs.


Pitch video

The artist

Evan James Ollenberger

Evan James Ollenberger

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About the song

Our video will follow a variety of cosplayers at the Northern FanCon comic con. Shot entirely on site at the event this year, the video will feature a variety of iconic heroes & villain cosplayers in sync with an original synth laden electronic track from Chad Magnant & Jer Breaks.

The team

Our team will combine distinctly diverse musical backgrounds with a bold new filmmaker to unleash the power of cosplay on viewers in this galaxy and beyond...


Production Design

Due to the unique nature of the show,  even the sponsors contribute dressed up props that we can use - for example the unique replica items from the different vendors and the slick vehicles from the dealership who is the main sponsor of the event.
The stars of our video will be the many costumed attendees of Northern FanCon. The level of expertise from these artists is apparent in the craftmanship of their costumes
The video will be shot throughout the arena facilities in which the convention is being held. We are able to access different areas of the convention landscape that look particularly good on film.