2016 Animation


Will you answer the signal?

Length5 mins. 11 secs.


Pitch video


S.O.S is a short animation about a young girl called Aria who is searching deep space for her missing mother. She discovers a signal that leads her to an abandoned ship unlike anything she has ever seen. Aria needs to solve the mystery of this ship to unlock the secrets of her mother and her past. Directed by Denver Jackson, written by Alain Williams and scored by Marc Junker, S.O.S will be a stylish short animation that will blend science fiction, suspense and martial arts action, all while telling an engaging, character driven story.

The team

We're three old friends who bond in high school over our love of film and animation. Fifteen years ago we made epic films in our parents' backyard. Now we're grown ups who still make epic films and aspire to someday have backyards of our own.

Profile picture of Denver Jackson
Denver JacksonAnimation Lead, Director


Production Design

The interior of the ship Somnius. Its walls pulse with radiant energy, as if the ship itself were alive...
The ship's interior space is a large dome. Its patterns of light are conceptually inspired by the rings of a mandala.
This is the signature ship of the Monks of Centauri. It is shrouded in as much mystery as its owners, but it is rumored to possess a power found nowhere else in the Galaxy.