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Denver Jackson

Artist, Animator, Director, Editor, Producer, Production Manager, Camera Operator, Motion Graphics

I am a self-taught independent filmmaker from Victoria, BC. before I emigrated from South Africa as a boy, I loved borrowing my family's video camera and attempting to make films like the ones I saw on TV. After I moved to Canada, I continued to learn how to create films on my own. On projects such as Somnius, I learned how to direct edit and design visual effects in live action film. The projects Cloudrise and The Wishing Jar allowed me to teach myself both traditional and 3D animation. I have also done visual effects work on numerous short films, documentaries and corporate projects. My dream is to tell stories that I want and need to tell. My ongoing goal is to gather the tools and skills needed to be able to do just that.


1xFunded team lead
1xFunded team member

Past projects

S.O.SAnimation · $10,000 Fund
Team member
Esluna: the world beyond
Esluna: the world beyondAction/Adventure · $100,000 Fund
Team lead

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