Soggy Flakes
2016 Animation

Soggy Flakes

In a world fed-up with sugar, carbs, and gluten, out-of-work breakfast cereal mascots face the bitter taste of reality.

Length5 mins. 0 secs.


Pitch video


In a low-carb, sugar-free, gluten-intolerant world, a group of washed-up, out-of-work breakfast cereal mascots form a weekly support group. Together they lament the golden ages of yesteryear and attempt to figure out how to swallow the bitter taste of today’s reality. But when Captain Kale, an ex-colleague turned sell-out, shows up to the diner where they host their meetings, they’re forced to re-examine their definition of what it means to be a success.

The team

With training in both live-action and animation, this team of brothers has produced a number of award-winning stop-motion animated videos. We guarantee that “Soggy Flakes” will be the greatest stop-motion short in history. *Guarantee not guaranteed*

Profile picture of The Affolter Bros
The Affolter BrosAnimation Lead, Animator, Director, Editor, Writer, Producer


Production Design

An example of the look the characters will have once they become stop-motion puppets.
The short will be set in a bright, middle-America style diner, reminiscent of a Denny’s or IHOP family restaurant.
The characters will retain a caricatured, cartoony style to emphasize expression, all contained within a logistically sound, armature-based stop-motion puppet.