Why Must The Sun Go Down?
2016 Animation

Why Must The Sun Go Down?

One little nightingale embarks on a journey, to find out why there must be darkness in our world...

Length5 mins. 27 secs.
DirectorIris Moore


Pitch video


When a little nightingale wonders to herself why the sun must go down at night, she decides to embark upon a journey. She first meets the Sunkeeper, and asks him why he sets the sun at night. The Sunkeeper explains that it is so the Starmaker knows when it's time to put stars in the sky. The Nightingale's journey then leads her to the Starmaker, the Flowermaker, and other celestial creatures of our world... At last she discovers that the sun must go down so that it can rise again in the morning, and that, just like everything else in life, there must be dark so there can be light.

The team

Our team is small, but strong! Tash Gabaglia is a talented Victoria vocalist, Dylan Davies is a pro audio engineer, and Iris Moore is an award-winning animator. With our talents combined, the three of us will make a film worth remembering...

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Iris MooreAnimation Lead, Animator, Director, Writer, Camera Operator, Music, Social Media Strategist
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Dylan DaviesSound Engineer


Production Design