The Winter Song
2016 Digital Shorts

The Winter Song

A 7-yr-old girl is running away from her hockey-obsessed family to be a singer, yet finds her place in Canada's game.

Length9 min. 27 sec.


Pitch video


Seven-year-old Pascale is sick of her family’s obsession with Canada’s obsession - Hockey. Her bags are packed and she is planning to run away and find people she believes will support HER dream of being a singer. When the challenges of: a) being a 7-year-old, and b) being stuck in an 800-person town during a Canadian prairie winter hinder her escape, she learns that the family she was born into is in fact perfect for her. Finding herself literally centre ice, Pascale discovers we all have an important place in Canada’s game.

The team

We’re like Charlie’s Angels, except totally not—A Leo Award winner as our director, a Joey Award winning lead actress, an international producer, coming together to tell a very Canadian story. We’ll make you laugh. We’ll make you cry.


Production Design