Final Breath
2016 Digital Shorts

Final Breath

A videographer who films terminally ill patients last messages meets a mysterious figure with a terrifying past

Length10 min.
DirectorKim Feragen
GenreArt House


Pitch video


Final Breath is the story about a videographer who films the final messages of terminally ill patients in a hospice house. The videographer meets with a mysterious patient who reveals a story that will change the videographer's life forever. The story for Final Breath is inspired by true events and will be filmed in the location where the events actually happened in Prince George and the Ness Lake area of Northern BC.

The team

With our amazing talent put together we are unstoppable with the amazing material we can produce. We have some much talent with so much to offer viewers in the way of storytelling and the art of film.

Profile picture of Kim Feragen
Kim FeragenDirector, Lighting
Profile picture of Mike Kroetsch
Mike Kroetsch Editor, Camera Operator
Profile picture of Norm Coyne
Norm CoyneWriter, Producer, Production Manager, Social Media Strategist