The Apprenticeship of Raffael Cocco
2016 Digital Shorts

The Apprenticeship of Raffael Cocco

What happens when a young man joins dear old dad in the family business? It's like a cat in a bag.

Length10 min. 8 sec.
Directorerin cumming


Pitch video


Pat Cocco is a Master Tailor with over 60 years experience. Emigrating from Italy at thirteen years of age, he has worked hard to earn a reputation as one of the best in the business. A firecracker in his seventies, Pat runs Burnaby’s Seville Tailors. Continuing the old world tradition, Pat expects precision from his protégé, Raffael. The catch is that Raffael is also Pat’s son. Gregarious with a plucky sense of humour, the apprentice tailor has big trousers to fill if he’s to take over the family business. But how can Raffael focus on work when pushing Pat’s buttons can be so much fun?

The team

Erin’s a wiz in the edit suite and is ready to take the reigns on set. Krista knows quality and is a pro at making things happen. Together, we’re a video-creating power-couple. We’re excited to team up to tell this cool local story. Vote Team Cocco

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erin cummingDirector, Producer


Interview Roster

Raffael Cocco
Raffael Cocco

Raffael is a tailor in training. With his plucky sense of humour, Raffael will give us his perspective on growing up around the family business, working with his father and learning how to make a custom suit.

Pat Cocco
Pat Cocco

Our Italian firecracker will give us the goods on becoming a tailor at ten years old, immigrating to Canada, starting his own business and being a Master Tailor to the stars. And of course he'll dish on all the ups and downs that come with teaching his son the family business.

Pat AND Raffael Cocco
Pat AND Raffael Cocco

And now put the two of them together! "Sometimes it's cute. Sometimes it's like a cat in bag."

Production Design

Classic, polished and proper. A master tailor's business is made-to-measure quality.
Inspired by this careful design, we plan to showcase the precision and quality of the tailor trade.
We love the classic style of typographer Giambattista Bodonilan's fonts, and plan to incorporate this look into our projects title and graphic design.
Showcasing clean lines with a no-fuss and pleasing design, we plan to remind our viewers of the craft mastery from days gone by.