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Krista Kelloway

Director, Producer, Social Media Strategist

With over 10 years’ experience as producer, I have supervised programming of all sorts: documentary (EMERGENCY ROOM: LIFE + DEATH AT VGH, GASTOWN GAMBLE), indie film (ENTANGLEMENT, MOUNTAIN MEN, TAMING TAMMY), short drama (POP SWITCH, SANDRA GETS DUMPED), factual (ANNA & KRISTINA'S GROCERY BAG, SMART COOKIES, ANNA & KRISTINA'S BEAUTY CALL) and reality tv (THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF VANCOUVER, THE BACHELOR CANADA: SEASON 2). As a content creator, my goal is facilitate collaboration in support of shared storytelling. I believe that stories and ideas help shape the world.


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The Apprenticeship of Raffael Cocco
The Apprenticeship of Raffael CoccoBiographical · $10,000 Fund
Team lead

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