Voluptuous Beauty
2016 Digital Shorts

Voluptuous Beauty

A full figured model on a journey to discover what the meaning of beauty, health and overcoming adversity is.

Length5 min. 57 sec.


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Meet Maxine, a mother, wife and plus sized model. Her entire life she was told that she would not achieve her dreams. But she is here to overcome others exceptions and redefine beauty showing her children anything is possible.

The team

Our team is passionate about authentic storytelling that is entertaining, thought provoking and visually pleasing. We look forward to sharing this with all of you.

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Nicole MurphyDirector, Producer
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Thomas DudleyCamera Operator
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Carly DudleySocial Media Strategist


Interview Roster

Maxine's Doctor
Maxine's Doctor

We take a serious look at the meaning of being healthy with Maxine's doctor. Maxine, is dealing with high blood pressure and being full figured means their is potential of other health complications. Her doctor sheds light on some misperceptions and truths on being voluptuous.


Maxine McDermand has struggled with her self esteem and image her entire life. Being full figured she was bullied relentlessly and told she would never achieve anything. Now she is chasing her dream of being a model and sharing her struggles, successes and future road blocks.


Christine Main has been a photographer for years, however working with Maxine has opened up a new world of possibilities for her. Together they are creating stunning pictures that challenge everyones perceptions of beauty.