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Kody Davidson

Editor, Motion Graphics, Social Media Strategist

Kody Davidson loves editing and everything that it encompasses. He admires the storytelling and human connection that editing brings into his life. The buttons and gadgets thrill him and make it hardly seem like work. Nearly eight years ago, when he first got his hands on an editing system, Kody fell in love with all the aspects of creative and technical control he now possessed. Believing that creative editing must be backed by the technical expertise to support the project, Kody is confident that he can bring both together into his work for the best results. Kody is passionate about post production and will provide services that are creative, technically sound and are accurately delivered, in any format. Feel secure in your selection as Kody can answer client questions with ease.


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Voluptuous Beauty
Voluptuous BeautyBiographical · $10,000 Fund
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