Codependent Ghost Girl
2016 Web Series

Codependent Ghost Girl

A ghost makes a dangerous deal with death to give her childhood friend more time on Earth before she’s escorted to hell.

Length9 min 8 seconds


Pitch video


Marjorie is a ghost with a dysfunctional attachment to her childhood friend Brett. Refusing to go toward the light, she keeps one foot in the Underworld while continuing to interfere with the land of the living. When Marjorie discovers the Death Dealer is coming to collect Brett’s soul, she vows to fix the situation herself. Problem is, the laws of the universe demand balance and a replacement soul is required, with interest. Marjorie’s boundaries are pushed to the limit as she goes to wild extremes to justify the bloodshed as something any good friend would do. As she bends her relationship with the truth and evades admitting the circumstances of her own death, we soon realize our bright-eyed Pollyanna is stuck in purgatory for a reason.

The team

We have a powerful team here! An experienced Broadway performer, a social media celebrity and an award-winning genre writer, we are going to bring you an amazing series and develop unique ways to engage our audience along the way.


Production Design

We will be working with Corinne Simpson to create the characters of The Underworld. Corinne is a graduate of the Makeup Artistry program through Artists Within Makeup Academy.  She is self-taught in the arenas of special effects and airbrush. She works with a wide array of beauty and theatrical products and techniques but her special interest is in fantasy, horror, and SFX looks.  Her philosophy is one of expression: be who or what you want through the power of creativity.  Anything is possible.
We’re going to have fun with the visual fx - as only Brett can see Marjorie in the land of the living. How will she take advantage of her invisibility? I think her expression here says it all.
Our dark comedy will have Burton-esque theatrical elements and characters, playful and fun!
We will utilize Edmonton’s unique cultural hubs and hotspots for the popular Underworld speakeasy, The Gates of Hell. Every filmmaker in Edmonton should know this location!
Make no mistake, Jacob has a major role behind the camera too.
David Baron is our Director of Photography, but with a mustache like that we're sure to cast him in the Underworld, perhaps as a wicked projectionist with a taste for arson! Cameo!
Noir-like textures, neon hues and rich shadows are what you can expect from the land of the living, a mashup of culture and eras reminiscent of Blade Runner.
Tarot is a major inspiration for our production design, from character development to glimpses of arcane symbolism worked into our locations.