The Quiet Canadians
2016 Web Series

The Quiet Canadians

"The Quiet Canadians" is an original web series about one exceptional government-sanctioned assassin.

Length6 mins. 13 sec.
DirectorHelena Thom


Pitch video


The Quiet Canadians is a fictional look into Canada's involvement in covert and clandestine activities. It presents a view of how operatives are recruited into this profession and trained. Based on a novel by Warren Thompson, the story follows an operative fresh from a recent operation that has left him with a secret enemy to thwart. The Producers have adapted this novel into a serialized drama for the web. As the series progresses, flashbacks to the operative's young life and how he was recruited and trained into this profession will further inform the person he needs to be in order to face this dangerous opponent.

The team

Meet the talented team behind "The Quiet Canadians"! We're excited to bring you an amazing story and series!

Profile picture of Helena Thom
Helena ThomDirector, Writer, Producer
Profile picture of Pierre Cruz
Pierre CruzLighting
Profile picture of Christopher O'Brien
Christopher O'BrienSound Engineer
Profile picture of Samantha Thom
Samantha ThomSocial Media Strategist