2016 Web Series


It's 2016 and Victor Frankenstein is obsessed with two things: 1. The dead 2. Elizabeth. And he can't have both.

Length10 mins.


Pitch video


This modern-day adaptation of Frankenstein, presents Victor, your run-of-the-mill socially awkward college student, comedically struggling between his sudden macabre compulsions to reassemble stolen body parts and his fervent desire to win the love of his childhood penpal, the beautiful Elizabeth, with whom he has been reunited on the first day of grad school in the Faculty of Forensic Sciences (where else?).

The team

The team I have assembled is full of filmmakers who are passionate and successful at their crafts!

Profile picture of Lauren Tamke
Lauren TamkeWriter, Producer
Profile picture of David Baron
David BaronCamera Operator


Production Design

Our team is experienced in employing our budgets creatively to construct dynamic and realistic sets that will complement our story and the themes of our show.  Our locations will include Victor's creepy dormitory lab, his forensics classroom, and various quirky locations in and around his university.
As a team of working professionals, our crew has access to and the skills to use industry equipment to bring our story to life!  We are shooting with the Sony Fs7 for this project.
While a modern adaptation, Victor's costumes play a subtle homage to the regency era dress from the original time the novel was written.  A bit too fancy and a little out of place, this contrast is a stylistic choice that will enhance his division from his colleagues.
Our team includes a veteran cinematographer with a plethora of experience creating dynamic images that will support the tones of the show.  As Victor has a passion for the horror genre, he often imagines himself a subject of such stories.  But, outside his mind (the real world) looks a bit different!