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  • British-Columbia
  • Jesse Roper
  • Quality Time
  • 4 min. 31 seconds
  • Shiraz Higgins
  • Reggae

Jesse Roper is now, first and foremost, a rap God.
"I am rap. I introduce myself as "Hip Hop" now. There hasn't been a true rap superstar until I decided to take it on. It's a great responsibility, but I stay trippy mang"
-Jesse Roper

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The genre blending music video will apply the look of hip hop music videos to a reggae song by blues artist Jesse Roper.



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Created By

Shiraz Higgins
Shiraz Higgins


Jesse Roper

Jesse Roper
Vancouver Island


Jesse Roper

I love making music more than anything else, and I'm happy to do whatever it takes to get that music out to the world.

About the song

"Quality Time" is a reggae-ish love tune that I want to flip on its head with visuals inspired by hip hop music videos. I aim to capture the energy and highly personal feel of a hip hop video. The shots will be full of people dancing, shot from low angles, with a lot of movement. The viewer will feel like they're right there with, jamming along!


Shiraz Higgins

Shiraz Higgins
Vancouver Island

Project Lead

Shiraz Higgins

I am an experienced filmmaker who is constantly trying to make my next video better than my last.

Why I want to work with Jesse Roper

Jesse and I have worked together on three very different music videos so far (all with next to no budget). Jesse has been taking BC by storm in the past two years, with regular radio play and extensive touring. Jesse is always down to commit himself to a video project I bring his way and his commitment and talent helps me make my best work.

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