How Long Blues


    How Long Blues is a music video by Amy Nelson. A defiant anti-romance inspired by Southern gothic traditions, even the not-so-dearly departed love after "death do us part".

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    How Long Blues

    • Alberta
    • Artist: Amy Nelson
    • Title: How Long Blues
    • Length: 5 mins. 44 secs.
    • Genre: Roots
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    Pitch Video

    A gothic anti-romance: even the not-so-dearly departed love after "death do us part".

    Genre: Roots

    Music Lead

    Amy Nelson

    Amy Nelson

    I want to create music that exists to confront and celebrate what it means to be a part of the human experience.

    About the song

    How Long Blues is a throwback to pre-vinyl rural Mississippi. A portrait of a lover's dilemma, How Long Blues doesn't mince words: "how come you treat me like you do?", "you could've had it all, but you treated her so unfair". Amy's lead guitar is rounded out by a backing band that sets an electric country atmosphere with bold zing.

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    Video Lead

    Gillian McKercher

    Gillian McKercher

    I am a passionate and resourceful filmmaker with a keen interest in pushing boundaries.

    Why I want to work with Amy Nelson

    I filmed Amy's solo musical debut for the web-series The Calgary Collection. Since then, Amy's career has taken off, and I want to share her hypnotizing and formidable stage presence with the world! She's got style, a drop-dead voice, and a strong artistic vision - a filmmaker's dream inspiration!

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