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2023 Summer Crew

Kickstart your online presence and showcase your community with the second Summer Crew program. This is an intensive 14-week program where 14 crews from different regions receive microgrants, equipment, training and distribution support. Your City, Your Coverage. It’s time to go live!

Applications open for

How it works

  1. Pitch + Plan

    Feb 15 - Mar 24, 2023

    Your City, Your Coverage. Gear up for the second Summer Crew program! Before applying to 2023 Summer Crew, please be sure to read the Submission Guidelines and Rules.

  2. Award

    Week of April 3, 2023

    14 crews (teams of two) from different regions will join an intensive 14-week program and receive microgrants, livestreaming equipment, training and distribution support on TELUS Optik TV and online platforms.

  3. Learn + Create

    May 1 - Aug 30, 2023

    Each selected crew will produce and deliver 2 hours of locally reflective G-rated content every week from May 1 to Aug 30, 2023. Projects will be featured on select TELUS Optik TV and online platforms in 2023.