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How do I exhibit my STORYHIVE Project?

When is my STORYHIVE project due?

Your project manager will walk you through your program timeline and every important deadline. Timelines vary depending on the program. Typical timelines from start (when you attend your first info session and receive your first funding cheque) to end (when you submit your final delivery of content to STORYHIVE) are as follows:

Editions: 12-16 months

Voices: 7-9 months

Visual Podcast: 7-9 months

Summer Crew: 5-7 months

Where will I be able to watch my project?

We distribute all STORYHIVE projects on the TELUS Optik TV® Video on Demand service, which serves over one million subscribers across British Columbia and Alberta. We also share STORYHIVE projects on our YouTube page. Our YouTube videos are not geogated, which means projects have an international reach—but that also means you must secure worldwide rights for any stock footage or music used in a STORYHIVE project.

STORYHIVE projects must be available on Optik TV first and within the same broadcast year that they are funded. However, we don’t expect STORYHIVE or TELUS Optik to be your project’s only home! For editions projects, we officially launch them several months after they are completed and delivered to allow our creators to pursue other distribution or film festival opportunities. For example, a project delivered in Dec 2022 would typically not be launched until summer or fall of 2023. 

Where else can I exhibit my project?

STORYHIVE encourages all teams to explore all the different ways they can show off their projects and share them with audiences near and far.

While the cut you submit for TELUS Optik is required to adhere to a few guidelines, the Project Lead retains sole copyright to their STORYHIVE project and creators are free to make alternate versions to be distributed on other platforms.

Because you own your project, once the project has been delivered to STORYHIVE and uploaded onto Optik TV, you can distribute it anywhere else. This includes sharing your project on your own YouTube channels, selling your project to other distributors, submitting your project to festivals or hosting your own screenings in your communities and beyond.

How does STORYHIVE support the marketing of my project?

When it comes to marketing, we follow your lead. Our creator orientation will provide tips and suggestions for marketing your projects and we’ll share opportunities that come our way, but it is the responsibility of each team to market their projects in the ways they think are best. These efforts may include developing a marketing strategy, organizing screenings,  securing media attention and more. STORYHIVE commits to sharing projects whenever possible and appropriate on our social pages and on TELUS Optik. We are also always delighted to amplify any marketing efforts from our creators and share events or great news earned by our teams.