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Adhel Arop

Artist, Director, Writer, Actor, Camera Operator, Voice Over, Social Media Strategist

Adhel Arop is a Kenyan born refugee and multidisciplinary artist residing in Vancouver BC. Her work ranges from visual to written art, exploring her identity through different forms of expression. ​ As a teenager, Adhel was recruited into a modelling career. She embraced this opportunity to increase her visibility and platform, offering a vision of beauty and self-confidence that would resonate with other African girls who might struggle to figure out who they are and where they belong. ​ Adhel's first documentary project, Who Am I, won a competition for funding from Telus Storyhive in 2019, then went on to garner awards, international press and greater attention to the existence of women who were once girls who fought in wars. ​ When she is not pushing the boundaries of our collective


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Who Am I?
Who Am I?Documentary · $50,000 Fund
Team lead

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