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Arthur Mah

Spruce Grove, AB
Editor, Writer, Camera Operator, Lighting, Motion Graphics

In my early 20s, I began cutting together short videos to entertain and keep in touch with my friends back home while I was in university. I started playing around with After effects and slowly ramped up the production quality of each of my videos and eventually ended up falling in love with visual storytelling. I now put my passion for visual storytelling on the big and small screen. From Logo animations to Lightsaber battles, I have a well rounded skill set in both the Adobe Suite, DaVinci, and a solid understanding of post production workflows. ​ If you'd like to meet up and discuss collaborating or discussing which movie has the greatest action scenes of all time (Mad Max Fury Road. Terminator 2 is a close second) feel free to shoot me an email!


3xFunded team member

Past projects

The Legend of Mindi
The Legend of MindiComedy · $10,000 Fund
Team member
Punjabi Pioneers of Alberta
Punjabi Pioneers of AlbertaDocumentary · $50,000 Fund
Team member

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