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Caelin Homola

Director, Editor, Writer, Camera Operator, Sound Engineer, Music

Caelin Homola, AKA Caelin Moore, is a director, shooter and editor based in Edmonton who has been making films since she was eight years old. Some of her earliest memories of filmmaking include integrating Photo Booth’s “Green Screen” feature into skits she would create with friends. In junior high her interest progressed into vlogs, short films and tutorials, and then in high school her passion reached new heights when she received her first DSLR and began focusing on cinematography. After graduating from Victoria School of the Arts she immediately entered the world of freelance where she continues to explore her love for filmmaking. Her work has been recognized by local and international musicians, dancers, as well as the NFFTY Film Festival for a music video she created in 2018.


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Solidarity Film Camp
Solidarity Film CampDocumentary · $50,000 Fund
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