Solidarity Film Camp
2019 Documentary

Solidarity Film Camp

DirectorAndrea Beça

Pitch video


Production Design

This documentary will have a very unscripted and raw feel to it, as though the audience is a fly on the wall at the film camp. We'll watch the next generation of filmmakers as they find their voices and learn how to share their stories - without feeling like they're on camera, performing.
The documentary will also include a number of intimate interviews, to dig into why storytelling is so important to both camp participants and workshop leaders, and how they think they can create social change through filmmaking.
This space is large, welcoming, and has so many visually stunning nooks and crannies that are perfect for filming in. Perhaps most importantly, its owners are some of the biggest supporters of local business and the arts I have ever met! I think it would be the perfect location for the camp itself, and therefore for the majority of our filming.