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Joseph Boutilier

Animator, Director, Editor, Writer, Producer, Camera Operator, Lighting, Motion Graphics, Social Media Strategist

Since graduating from the Vancouver Film School's Digital Design program, I've worked as a social media game designer, political communications officer, production coordinator and graphic designer. Now, I'm thrilled to be working in film, juggling roles ranging from AD to DP and everything in between. My past credits include work on indie features and MOWs like The Great Salish Heist (2023), Fragile Seeds (2021), Runaway Christmas Bride (2017), and previous Storyhive projects like Dust 'n Bones (2018) and Penny Girl (2019). I embrace every opportunity to help create and amplify incredible stories that need to be shared.


3xFunded team lead

Past projects

The Sound of a Pandemic
The Sound of a PandemicDocumentary · $20,000 Fund
Team lead
Penny Girl
Penny GirlDocumentary · $50,000 Fund
Team lead

Demo reel

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