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Eden Boutilier

Writer, Host, Actor, Social Media Strategist

What's creativity without strategy? Well, I'd say a hobby, not a career. Social media is a resource to further your reach and engage your audience. It is more than just fun, it is an essential tool for success in today's industry. From Facebook algorithms and twitter statistics to insta-success and engagement, I've got you covered. Since the depletion of MySpace and the launch of Facebook, I've been addicted. We're living in a world where you either keep-up or get-out and people like me ensure that projects at the forefront of modern with the with the simplicity of planning. Experience : - Bachelor of Public Relation - 6 years experience working with social media in a professional setting - Social Media training and workshops - Facilitator of social media workshops


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Rig Pigs
Rig PigsComedy · $60,000 Fund
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