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Tamarra Canu

Director, Editor, Producer, Production Manager, Camera Operator, Social Media Strategist

I started my career at CBC News Edmonton as an Associate Producer and quickly realized I had need to tell stories in longer formats. This is when I made the jump into film with some of the most experienced professionals in Edmonton who acted as my mentors and still do to this day. With these crews I was privileged to work on two high profile documentaries for CBC's The Nature of Things- one taking me as far as Mongolia. Director of Photography @ WIFTA Cinematographer / Assistant Director @ Productions Loft Camera Operator @ NFB Production Coordinator @ Clearwater Documentary Production Coordinator/Camera Operator/ Production Assistant @ ID Productions Inc. Associate Producer/ Associate Director @ CBC News Edmonton.


1xFunded team lead

Past projects

The Act of Being Normal
The Act of Being NormalDocumentary · $10,000 Fund
Team lead

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